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Livewire to Supply Waypoint Bank with Self-Service Kiosks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Unlike an ATM, which allows financial transactions, the new kiosks are intended to provide valuable information to bank customers regarding services and accounts offered by the bank. Customers who are not sure which product is best for them will be guided through the process by answering simple questions. Detailed information and necessary forms can be printed on demand by the kiosk to allow customers to open accounts at the pace and time that is most convenient to them.

Andrew Samuel, Executive Vice President of Waypoint’s Banking Division, said “Waypoint is committed to providing our customers with the best range of services and account features in our market. We believe the interactive customer-driven dialog provided by the kiosk will help guide our customers to the product or account that best serves their needs. Additionally, the kiosk will promote our Internet Banking initiative by showing how easy and convenient Internet banking can be.”

According to Roy Smith, Livewire’s President, “We look forward to helping Waypoint continue to lead the market with this type of customer-focused initiative. We are delighted to add Waypoint to our list of retail kiosk deployments in Pennsylvania.”

Founded in 1998, Livewire specializes in deploying web-enabled self-service kiosks in retail stores. Livewire is known for its expertise in developing kiosks for the retail environment, with deployments in 25 states nationwide. The company is the leading self-service ticketing provider to the U.S. ski industry. Its Colorado-based network of kiosks sell over 100,000 ski lift tickets per season.

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