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Engage IoT SmartKonnect


Engage IoT SmartKonnect Mobile Touch Pad

Safe Touchless Control

Our SmartKonnect technologies allow your customers to interact with self-service devices without the need to physically touch the user interface. This keeps them safe and prevents the spread of bacteria from one user to the next.

SmartKonnect QR Capture

Mobile Touch Pad

SmartKonnect QR CaptureOur SmartKonnect mobile touch pad allows a user to scan a QR code on the kiosk to initiate a user session and instantly begin interaction with the kiosk through a virtual touch pad displayed on their phone. SmartKonnect uses your phone’s browser so there is no need to download an app… just scan the QR code and you’re on your way. Need to enter data into a form on the kiosk? No problem… when SmartKonnect detects that a text input box has focus, a keyboard pops up over the virtual touch pad to allow easy entry via their phone. Touch the Done button, and their phone reverts back to the touch pad mode.

SmartKonnect Loading Screen

Fast and Secure

SmartKonnect Loading ScreenThe technology behind SmartKonnect is the same fast, secure and reliable connectivity that the Engage IoT platform was designed around. The QR code displayed on the kiosk is re-generated every minute and includes encrypted data to keep the kiosk secure and ensures control by only the user at the kiosk. The real-time communications between the user’s phone and the kiosk is so fast, that it feels like you are actually interacting through a physical touch pad.

SmartKonnect Virtual Keyboard

Configurable Features

SmartKonnect Virtual KeyboardSimilar to other Engage IoT features, the SmartKonnect mobile touch pad is configurable to meet your specific needs. Set when to display the QR code along with its position. Configure SmartKonnect to browse to a specific URL when the user is done with their session to allow you to continue the interaction with the user when they have completed their kiosk experience.

Voice Interaction

SmartKonnect Voice provides yet another way for you to add safe touch-less interaction to your kiosks. Just say ‘Hey Kiosk’ and your kiosk comes to life. With the ability to configure voice commands specific to your application, navigation through the user interface is fast and reliable using the technology already integrated into the Engage IoT Client software. On-screen tips provide the end user with visual cues to help guide them through the entire process, and if they need further assistance, they can just speak ‘Hey Kiosk’ to see all of their navigation options.

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