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Mobile Apps and Android Kiosks

The Power To Connect Is At Your Fingertips

If you want your message in your customers’ hands, their personal mobile technology is where you need to be.  Livewire Digital will guide you through the development, launch, and maintenance of the mobile app that fits your business. We will also test for compatibility across the following platforms:

  • iOS (iPad & iPhone)
  • Android
  • Windows

From our custom development to our remote management system, we provide you with a single source for your Mobile App needs. Our Enterprise Server software will allow you to take you new mobile technology one step further and allow you to integrate your kiosk and digital signage solutions.

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of a Mobile App

“Cell Phone” technology has long surpassed making a simple telephone call. As mobile technology incorporates larger and faster “apps”, there are more applications for which you can use your “phone” to reach your customers and improve business operations.

When considering how to reach your customers, consider where the majority of your customers are spending their time. At the end of 2010, The Nielsen Company reported that smartphones occupied 28% of the U.S. Cellphone Market. Nielsen predicts that smart phones will overtake feature phones by the end of 2011. Americans are spending more and more time using mobile technologies for work, play, and shopping. ABI Research and Mobile Marketer Daily report that nearly 50 percent of smartphone owners already use or plan to use their phones for mobile shopping.

A mobile app may also increase the efficiency of your business operations. In an AT&T Technology Poll, 72 percent of small business owners reported using mobile apps to save time, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Whether you are looking to reach out to your customers or provide effective tools for your employees, Livewire will build the mobile app that is right for you. Learn more about the types of mobile apps that will serve your needs.

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