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Digital Signage Software Features

Powerful Features

Digital signage offer a dynamic outlet for you to share information with your customers, visitors, and employees. Livewire’s digital signage software offers a variety of features to help you manage and upload that information easily and effectively.

Web-Based Interface

Manage your digital signs and content remotely from anywhere.

Media Management

Upload and categorize your media to the central server. Supported media includes: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, AVI, SWF, MGP, WMV.


Create text and media playlists based on static images and movies as well as our eConcierge elements including visitor information, products, and events.

Aggregate Playlist

Create aggregate playlists that help organize and manage your content within sub-playlists.


Utilize dayparting to schedule items within your playlists as well as sub-playlists within your aggregate playlists.


Create, save, and re-use templates to speed up the development process.

Proof-of-Play Reporting

Verify your content is playing through logging and web-based reports.

Touch Screen Integration

Utilize digital signage as a kiosk attract screen or integrate interactivity into your digital signage project.

Integrated eConcierge

Livewire’s trademarked eConcierge product is integrated to drive applications such as Building Directories and Way Finding.


Display current conditions and weather forecasts from NOAA.

TV Tuner

Display television channels within your digital signage wrapper.

RSS Feed Ticker

Display the latest RSS news and information within a text.

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