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Digital Signage Hardware

Connecting Your Hardware Needs

Your Livewire Representative will work with you to identify your hardware needs and the size of the network that fits your business and marketing needs.

What are the components of a digital signage project?

You can deliver you messages through a variety of visual interfaces, including video walls, projection cubes, plasma screens, monitors and video projectors.

Livewire’s representatives will help you identify and install the appropriate screens or projectors for your location. Once you have identified the equipment you need, you will need to connect the screens and projectors through a secure network. The next step is to begin delivering and managing your messages.

What's so special about Commercial Displays?

When shopping around for Digital Signage monitors you may be tempted to settle for a consumer grade TV rather than a commercial display.

While the price of a consumer tv is affordable, you won’t receive the added benefits included with a commercial display. To learn more about these differences, take a look at our Consumer TVs vs Commercial Displays article.

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