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Software Maintenance and Support

Livewire Annual Maintenance and Support

Following are the terms and conditions for Livewire’s Annual Maintenance and Support for its standard software products. Software support may be purchased as a separate service for any licensed product. Product subscriptions include on-going maintenance and support as part of the subscription price. A separate support agreement for custom software developed by Livewire may also be purchased separately.

Technical Support

Technical support will be provided via telephone and email. In the case of telephone technical support, if no one is available to answer the call, a callback will occur within 2 hrs of the initial phone call. Standard technical support is provided during normal business hours, Mon-Fri, 8am – 6pm, EST (UTC-05:00) and 9am to 7pm, IST (UTC+05:30). Technical support is only provided using the English language. Extended support coverage may be purchased separately.

If a technical support call is determined to be caused by a problem with Livewire’s standard software, then it is considered to be an issue. Issues will be classified into three groups: critical, urgent and minor.

A critical issue is one where the application is not functioning due to a problem with the Livewire standard software. This class of issue is handled as a top priority until a solution is found. The solution to this issue will force the immediate release of the next minor version of the software.

An urgent issue is one where the application is not behaving as expected, but there is a workaround or the problem does not prevent the application from operating. This class of issue will be resolved in turn with existing software revisions in process at the time. The solution will be released with the next minor version of the software.

A minor issue is one where the device behaves perfectly well, but is not completely to specification. A classic example is a typo, or a formatting problem. This class of issue will be resolved as time allows but definitely with the next major release of the software.

Upon completion of a new revision, the software will be presented as an installation package (usually as a download file from our website) that handles all necessary configuration of the operating system for the software to function in a nominal state. Note: the installation package will not address network or security issues that are operating system specific issues.

It is our goal to always ensure backward compatibility with new releases, should the time come when we are unable to achieve this, then you will be notified in advance of actions that need to be taken during the installation process.


Livewire in continually working on enhancements to our software products. During the course of time, there will be updates to the software that are driven by suggestions from our clients or new capabilities to enhance or expand on current functionality. These updates will be presented to the licensee in the same manner as the technical support updates.

“Updates” means in relation to the software:

  • All subsequent releases of the software that (i) add new features, functionality and/ or improve performance or make change, amendment or alteration or upgrade to the software, (ii) operate  on new or other server platforms
  • Bug fixes, patches, workarounds and/or maintenance releases, including any releases of part of the software and/or documentation which is designed to provide error correction and which may contain enhanced functionality
  • New point releases, including those denoted by a change to the right of the first decimal point (e.g. v3.0 to v3.1) together with appropriate documentation
  • Re-packaged, re-architected or re-branded software or any new version of the software where the re-packaged, re-architected or re-branded software contains substantially the same functionality as the previously packaged or branded software or contains substantially the same functionality as the software implemented by the customer
  • New major versions releases of the software which are designed by (i) a change in the left of the first decimal point (e.g. v3.0 to v4.0) and/ or(ii) the addition of a date designation or change in the existing designation (e.g. v1999 to v2000)


For each new major and minor release of the software, each licensee will receive the following documentation in PDF format:

  • User Guide (includes installation instructions)
  • Release Notes (often included as part of the User Guide)
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