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Prepaid Card Kiosks

Cash To Card Kiosk

Cash To Card / Reverse ATM

Livewire presents a comprehensive Cash-to-Card solution encompassing both self-service kiosk hardware and a sophisticated software platform. Our end-to-end system empowers customers to effortlessly convert cash into a prepaid Mastercard at designated self-service kiosks. This centralized approach allows efficient cash collection while enabling customers to utilize the prepaid Mastercard within the property(s) and globally wherever Mastercard is accepted.

The Gift to Connect via Kiosks

Debit card sales are the fastest growing retail segment in the economy. With Livewire’s kiosk software, you can tap into this revenue stream with speed and efficiency. Whether you’re considering gift cards, gift certificates or phone cards, pre-paid debit sales are quick, convenient and widely popular with consumers.

Thanks to Livewire, they’re easier than ever to distribute wherever you want.

Key Benefits You Enjoy:

  • Elimination of cash theft
  • Prevention of robbery incidents
  • Mitigation of counterfeit money risks
  • Reduction in staff costs associated with cash acceptance and handling
  • Streamlined accounting and cash management processes
  • Alleviation of pathogen concerns linked to the overall handling of cash

To learn how to get more from your virtual concierge kiosk system, click here.

How Cash-to-Card Kiosks Work

Livewire’s solution involves strategically placing self-service kiosks near cash-centric areas like bars, restaurants, and concessions.

Customers engage with a user-friendly experience:

  • Choose a denomination for loading onto a prepaid Mastercard, with a limit of $500.00
  • Insert cash into the kiosk
  • Instantly receive a non-reloadable Mastercard
  • Utilize the Mastercard for purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted

The Livewire Offering

Livewire provides a comprehensive package including:

  • Self-standing kiosk featuring a 22-inch commercial-grade touch display with LED border lighting
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash acceptor
  • Mastercard dispenser
  • Physical Mastercards
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Training
  • Cash pickup services
  • Marketing opportunities on kiosk display and/or receipt
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