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Livewire Digital Releases Engage IoT SmartKonnect Touchless Kiosk Technology

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Engage IoT Version 6.2.0 Released

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July 16, 2020 – YORK, PA – Livewire Digital is pleased to announce the release of Version 6.2.0 of its Engage IoT platform featuring the latest SmartKonnect touchless interface technology.

The Engage IoT system was designed from the ground up using technology that allows for real-time device-to-device communications to meet the demands of today’s digital transformation process that is expanding across all industries. When new safety concerns arose from the spread of COVID-19, Livewire’s innovation team sprung into action to create a number of products to solve the multitude of challenges that businesses face today. Engage IoT SmartKonnect is the most recent product to be released to allow for touchless interaction with self-service kiosks and other devices.

With SmartKonnect’s Virtual Touch Pad, a secure, dynamic QR code displayed on the screen may be scanned by a user, turning their phone’s web browser into a virtual touch pad. There is no need to download a mobile app, SmartKonnect works within the Apple and Android native browsers. Instantly the kiosk comes to life, and navigating the application is as easy as swiping and tapping on the virtual touch pad. SmartKonnect also allows for easy, secure entry of data through the phone’s keyboard and the ability to further interact with the customer on their mobile device once their kiosk session is completed.

Have an existing kiosk application that you would like to add touchless capability to? We can help. Every software component within the Engage IoT platform presents an interface (API) to makes it easy to integrate the power of Engage IoT and SmartKonnect into your own application. This allows you to extend the SmartKonnect functionality beyond the simple virtual touch pad and present the user with a more robust mobile interface for navigation or entry of more complex information. Transfer the information back to the kiosk with a click of a button and complete your touchless transaction by taking payment, dispensing products, and handing any other contactless deliverables from the kiosk.

Engage IoT Version 6.2.0 with SmartKonnect is available immediately for purchase. Read more about SmartKonnect here.


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