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Kiosk Software

Powerful Software for Engaging Kiosks and Digital Signs

Livewire Digital provides a comprehensive suite of kiosk software to secure your remote kiosk systems, digital signs, and other IoT devices.

Our kiosk software client runs locally on the CPU to secure your kiosks and other devices and communicate with the Enterprise Server . The two components work together to generate usage reports, send heartbeats to remotely monitor hardware components, and push content and software updates out to groups of managed devices. 

Our Kiosk and Digital Signage Software Client Features include:

  • Lockdown browser, desktop and OS
  • Keyboard filtering
  • Domain/page blocking – allow or revoke lists
  • Pop-up window control
  • File download blocking
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Attract screen generation
  • Clearing of cookies, cache, and print queue at session end
  • Application resetting
  • Remote configuration
  • User session management
  • Run automatic logoff script
  • Automatic printer retraction
  • Hardware/Software watchdog
  • Handles mechanisms to place outgoing phone calls
  • External device support (security mats, proximity switches)
  • Input device support (MSR, barcode readers)
  • Multiple monitor support (secondary display screens)

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