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Server Features

Enterprise Server Console allows you to maintain centralized communication with your individual kiosks through the Kiosk Client, which runs locally on the machine to secure the kiosks. The Server Console resides on a server that is accessible via the Internet by all kiosks.

This software contains the Admin Tool, which can be used to generate numerous reports on kiosk usage and contains the following features:

User Management

Manages the users who can log onto the server and what portions of the Console they have permission to use. For ease of use, customized roles can be created.

Kiosk Organization

Individual kiosks are organized into an unlimited number of projects. In Enterprise Server ASP, projects can be organized into an unlimited number of sites. In addition, to provide the most organizational flexibility an unlimited number of groups can be created which can contain kiosks, projects or other groups.

Usage Statistics

Kiosk usage statistics can be uploaded to the Enterprise Server Console at an interval as quick as every 10 minutes, or at the end of every user session. The Server can generate reports that display usage statistics on a per page basis that shows total page displays, total display time, maximum display time and average display time.

File Updating

The Server can transfer application content, OS updates and updates on a kiosk, project, group or site basis. In addition, Enterprise Server Console can issue kiosk shutdown, kiosk reboot or restart commands.

Remote Monitoring

To manage the status of kiosks, Enterprise Server Console can receive heartbeat information as often as every 15 minutes. Each heartbeat contains roughly 30 performance statistics that can be used to determine the health of the kiosks. Additionally, kiosk event log data can be uploaded that can contain reports of hardware malfunction as well as OS information.


Enterprise Server Console is specially architected to enable easy addition of 3rd party Add-on functionality. Add-ons are useful for extending the server functionality.

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