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Digital Trophy Case Integrated with Engage IoT

At a time when everyone wants to be recognized for their achievements, Digital Trophy Case is a powerful and intuitive application. It helps schools and organizations of any size organize, recognize and preserve their athletic history.

The Digital Trophy Case user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. It allows organizations to categorize their athletic history by athlete, sport, year, Hall of Fame and much more. It enables patrons to engage in your school’s athletic history and pride.

Digital Trophy Case has a user-friendly web-based content management system so your students can be involved in creating and providing support for the Digital Trophy Case.

Present the Digital Trophy Case application on a variety of form factors. Wall mount touch screen, display, floor standing touch screen kiosk, or incorporate a touch screen display in your current trophy display case.

Digital Trophy Case can create a full and detailed picture of your school’s athletic achievements. Add on applications are available to support year book, event calendars and even event ticketing.

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