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Realizing a kiosk conveniently located at a departure location will provide a much needed service to travelers leaving Canada, Martin Firestone brought together the resources of Livewire Digital and Travel Secure to produce what is believed to be the first such service of its kind in Canada. “I am very excited to see my idea come to fruition and am extremely proud to be working with three of the finest companies in this sector” said Mr. Firestone, President and CEO of Travel Secure Limited.

“We see this new way of doing business taking off and we are proud to be part of the digital world,” offered Nancy Mitchell of Travel Guard Canada.  “If a traveler has failed to purchase from their travel agent and needs a last minute opportunity, the kiosk is there for them”.

“Livewire Digital is happy to be part of this project.  As travelers become more tech-savvy, they are demanding that these types of services be made available around the clock and in a manner with which they may serve themselves at their own convenience,” says David McCracken, CEO of Livewire Digital.

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