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Meet the Client

Located in the world famous lower-downtown Denver area, affectionately known as LoDo, the Soiled Dove offers a selection of entertainment ranging from premier local talent to national recording artists in all styles of music. The 500-seat Soiled Dove is known as Denver’s “Intimate Concert Venue,” typically hosting local concerts three to five nights per week. Customers are never more than 40 feet from the stage, which plays host to some of today’s most accomplished artists, including Lisa Loeb and Bruce Hornsby.

The Challenge

Several years ago, the Soiled Dove management decided to begin selling tickets online. At that time, there were few options for selling and delivering tickets, so they chose one of the largest vendors that they could find.

There were many disadvantages to this relationship. First, Soiled Dove customers were being charged exorbitant fees for ticket purchases—as much as $18 in fees to have two $6 tickets delivered by mail. Management knew this situation was badly hurting ticket sales. Secondly, if customers chose to save some of the fees by opting to pick up the tickets in person, they could not get them at the Soiled Dove; they needed to go to one of the big vendor’s outlets. Again, very inconvenient for concertgoers.

After using a Livewire ski lift ticketing kiosk to buy lift tickets during the winter of 2002, the club’s owner called Livewire to see if kiosk technology could solve his ticketing problem.

Efficient Use of Staff

Ability to Sell Tickets for all Shows

Available 24/7

The Solution

After fully comprehending the needs and goals of the Soiled Dove in “going on their own”, Livewire designed and implemented an integrated automated ticketing system that included a colorful exterior ticketing kiosk installed at the Soiled Dove and a Web-based ticket reservation system. This system was built upon Livewire’s powerful TicketEngine kiosk software and was customized for The Soiled Dove. It was up and running within eight weeks.

The Web interface was seamlessly connected to theSoiled Dove’s Web site. Livewire created an events calendar and reservation management pages, allowing customers to reserve tickets in advance with their credit card, then pick them up the night of the show simply by swiping their credit card on the self-service kiosk.

The kiosk user interface was developed on Livewire’s kiosk software platform, and modeled after Livewire’s award-winning ski lift ticketing application. Large buttons, visual and audio prompting, and multimedia presentations work together to make the kiosk very easy to use. Remote management and monitoring of the kiosk is performed via Livewire’s Enterprise Kiosk Management System.

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