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So. You started a social media campaign, a blog, and all that. How’s it going? Are you engaging your customers across several venues? Is your relationship truly interactive? How can you maximize that so that your customers actually identify with your product so closely it’s what they would put on their cell phone bumper sticker, if there were such a thing. Awareness, consistency, and tracking are key components of this type of strategy—here’s how to accomplish this:

  1. Get Connected. These are your new—or soon-to-be—online friends. Court them with content they can use. Ask open-ended questions. Meet them in every channel where they communicate. Analyze their visits and invite them for more. The craft store giant Michaels chose our eConcierge® Content Management System because it captures consumer data and automates future conversations that are customized to their consumers. It also simultaneously exposed their customers to new product lines, drove customers to their website, collected email addresses and cell phone numbers, and discovered which items they wanted most.
  2. Stay Connected. Give your tweeps and Facebook friends a way to contribute. Send out fun, customer-centered surveys, and communicate the results back to your increasingly loyal social media base. Engage with people on the verge of making a purchase by helping them through the process, and keep your end of the conversation going.  Using an integrated marketing solution like ours differentiates your company because it allows you to have meaningful interactions with your customers throughout their customer cycle—24/7. Combining it with digital signage, kiosks, and mobile apps means customers are engaged across multiple channels.
  3. Be Sticky. Gather info by asking potential customers for their email address when they comment on your blog. Offer incentives and capture data. Make subscriptions desirable and easy to sign up for. How can you do it all? Our software technology supports a flexible and functional content management system to deliver information through single or multiple channels seamlessly. We helped Washington Mall in Bermuda collect data and manage deployment of content to several points of engagement so they got closer to their customers—and stayed closer.
  4. Capture referrals. Remember, whenever you put something out on social media, it can be powerful. As Constant Contact’s Content Manager Dave Charest says, “It’s like having a conversation with hundreds of people listening.” Get to know your customers’ social media circle—this is a great source for prospects, and referrals come easily when you’re just one customer relationship away. And the referrals become highly visible to a growing network of one-step-away customers. Our mobile eConcierge helps you integrate that whole cycle.

Engagement marketing is about staying top of mind and developing relationships that eventually benefit your business. We help combine marketing and IT in ways that connect, engage, and influence the intended audience, creating more relevant consumer experiences. If you want to intensify your online relationships, we offer one of the most comprehensive multi-channel customer engagement suites of software that will help you do just that. As your single source for your turnkey kiosk, digital signage and mobile application solution, we can help strengthen your brand, increase your profits, and so much more.

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