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These days, one of the channels where your customers dwell most is on their cell phones. Statistics show that:

  • 91% of all people on Earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary Internet source1

Tablets and similar devices are also growing exponentially. Mobile marketing demands adaptable tech interfaces for all of these environments. Delivery vehicles must bring what you have to offer -seamlessly- to the place where your customers spend their time and money. Yet reaching and engaging your customers effectively in an ever-shifting digital landscape is challenging. Is your next product idea waiting to do just that? Is it mobile-ready?

To get there, it’s important to:

  • Find partners that up your game. There are partners, and then there are PARTNERS. Discovering a relationship that produces synergy is a must. Working together, you can produce a result greater than either of you can alone. Search for the right partner. Check out applications they helped deliver to the marketplace. Meet with them and notice whether your team’s energy ramps up. Whether new possibilities emerge. If so, you have met your match. We match a wide variety of customers, providing them with a single source for their mobile app needs. From our custom development to our remote management system and Enterprise Server software, we help you take your new mobile technology further.
  • Make sure your product works seamlessly with cell phones, tablets, etc. Your interface has to look amazing and work like it was designed for the device your customer wants to use. We guide you through the development, launch, and maintenance of the mobile app that fits your business and your customer. Then we test for compatibility, so the appearance on mobiles and other devices looks truly customized. For Gettysburg, we created a mobile-like experience to guide tourists through the historic town. Our system added the capability of sending e-maps to visitors’ tablets or mobiles or triggering a return phone call. This custom application served Gettysburg’s customers by interfacing with their device of choice.
  • Control and maximize the interaction. By this we mean enable, monitor, respond, secure and track your customer’s mobile “visits”. To do this, you need an agile delivery vehicle that, first of all, engages your customers. Our smart screens and content management system mean you can easily respond, get to know them, and expand that connection into other channels so that it becomes part of their daily life. Meanwhile, the whole interaction gets captured and lands in your cart, not your competitor’s.

If you want your message in your customers’ hands, their personal mobile technology is where you need to be. So here’s the question. Does your product have the flexibility to connect, engage and influence your customers in a mobile environment? Make it easy for your customers to chat with you across the entire spectrum of devices with great partners who offer adaptable products that increase your profits, ramp up your brand, and provide you with the tools you need to manage it all. As our customers have also found, a mobile app can increase the efficiency of your business operations.



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